Thursday, January 29, 2009

Have you ever sat on the banks of a river and watched the water flow by? Have you ever heard the sound of its waters as they race on in search for a place to rest? Have you ever thought how rivers are so much like life - rushing by, mouthing off under sun and storm, always moving, always facing the heavens, defiantly carving out their own way in the world?

We can learn much from rivers if we take the time of watch and listen to them. It's cool! Try it and see for yourself. - Grandpa Wal

Just imagine looking into the future as Winston Churchill seems to have done when he formulated his thought about the new forms of power structures that would govern the world in the years past World War II - Empires of the Mind, he called them.

Today we live under the influence of these Empires of the Mind and will become subjected to them unless we use our own minds to withstand the beguiling, enticing, empires forming clearly on the Internet and other forms of mind-captivating mechanisms available to us today.

And, the only way we can develop the strength and individual power to withstand being drawn along by the thinking of others, often more powerful than us, is to win the battle within and become a powerful player ourselves in the marketplace of ideas on offer today. - Grandpa Wal

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The heavens have fascinated humankind for as long as there have been humans on planet Earth. In trying to understand the mystery of the heavens, humans have learned much about themselves. So, when the Hubble telescope was pointed at the heavens it was no surprise that it would reveal amazing information that opened new doors to how we might understand the meaning of it all. It was a "Wow" moment that comes from time to time in our lives. See for yourself by clicking the links below - Grandpa Wal

Link 1: Galaxies galore -

Link 2: A spiral galaxy like the Milky Way

Link 3:The stuff from which stars are made

Thursday, January 1, 2009


This is the first of many bookmarks that will be posted on this blog site to encourage you to WIN THE BATTLE WITHIN. Imagination is a mighty gift from the Maker of the Universe to us humans so that we can dream wonderful dreams and seek the best in life. Please enjoy this one and watch out for others that will be placed on this site in the days ahead. - Grandpa Wal